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          Jeep Cherokee Roof Failure Due to a Rollover

     The Jeep Cherokee and its updated luxury model the Jeep Grand Cherokee are popular SUVs in the Chrysler / Jeep line up. The Cherokee's roof structure and design however are not strong as 60 yrs of Jeep's Off Road Tough Reputation. The Jeep roofs are not built to withstand the energies of a rollover accident without caving in and the pillars giving way, resulting in the roof pillars or supports folding down and bending in under the pressures and weights involved of most highway speeds rollover accidents. Many people are surprised when they see the often massive roof crush or roof pillar failure of a Jeep Wrangler, Cherokee, Liberty and even the Grand Cherokee.

     After a rollover, the once safe area inside the vehicle is now intruded upon by roof headers and roofs ceiling and even the door frames crushing down onto the victims. This massive roof intrusion can cause spinal cord injuries, closed head injuries and even death.

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Designing vehicles with stronger roofs padded or cushioned interiors, airbags, side curtain airbags, better seatbelts, but the best device has been the addition of the  Electronic Stability Control (ESC) or rollover computer to help prevent vehicles from losing control and rolling over in the first place.

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Injuries from a rollover type of roof crush are usually severe and often fatal. When the roof crushes the occupant's head and spinal cord are the first to be impacted and loaded resulting in closed head injuries, paralysis, paraplegia, quadriplegia, suffocation, amputations & deaths. 

Roof crush failures can be mild to severe. There are four main types of roof crush deformations patterns:

  • Cathedral Roof Collapse
  • Shearing - Sideway Movement
  • M Shaped & FMVSS216 Test

Each of these collapses present different types of potential injuries.

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