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 After a rollover or roof crush accident, TIME IS CRITICAL. Upon acceptance of your case, we will start on the preservation of the vehicle, the tires and accident scene reconstruction. Pictures alone of the vehicle, tires, damage or roof are NOT sufficient. Our firm's staff and investigators will help locate, retrieve and often buy the salvage from the insurance company or wrecking yard and secure the evidence in a locked warehouse away from prying eyes. Then we start hiring experts and engineers to look at the roof , tires,  seatbelts, airbags and other possible defects that caused the injuries. With positive reviews from our experts, we will file a lawsuit and began the legal fight for you. We are ready to help you and your family. Call us to talk to top AV Rated Attorney  that is also a Board Certified Trial Lawyer a lawyer with 30+ years of product liability experience. 

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In order to prevent severe injuries in a rollover from the roof failure or roof collapse, the manufacturers need to add more metal in the roof supports and roof itself. Currently the thickness of the metal is too thin and will bend and collapse under loading in a rollover.  Litigation Creates Change !

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Rollover and roof crush can be severe and are often fatal. These injuries include closed head injuries, resulting in traumatic brain injury (TBI) or brain damage along with spinal cord injuries (SCI) paralysis, paraplegia, positional asphyxia / suffocation, paraplegia, arm and leg amputations & even wrongful death. 

In a rollover accident often the roof, roof rails, and pillars fail. When a roof pillar fails, often the latch plate in the door jam loosens or moves allowing the door lock to open during the rollover. This is a serious defect and can allow to partial or full ejection of the occupant and catastrophic injuries.

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