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Tire Failures, Blowouts and Tread Separation Accidents

    Many rollover accidents and resulting roof crush and roof collapse injuries can be traced back to a tire blowout, tread separation or tire defect failure that caused the vehicle to lose control and crash or rollover.

Many tire failures are caused by poorly designed tires lacking the additional belts to prevent de-treading or separating.  Another area of tire separations occur from poor adhesion of the tire tread to tire core or casing. The tread often will detach from the casing or core in a single piece of tread or in pieces that break apart as it hits the wheel well or underside of the car and axle. Tire tread separation are often preventable and are due to bad design or poor manufacturing processes at the factory. Tire treads can also loosen due to overloading, rust in the cords and due to rubber to rubber separation due to the adhesives not setting up and curing properly.

     When a tire failure occurs at highway speeds, bad results often occur especially to SUV's and trucks. The tire defect may be from tires that appear to have good tread, but are in fact old and others may be due to a design defect or manufacturing defect in the tire construction. Used tires are often old tires many times too old to withstand the pressures, weight and heat build up of highway usage and should not have been sold or put on a vehicle. Used or old tires may suffer from dry rot from being stored in a tire warehouse for 5-15 years. These new looking tires without any mileage on them, is often like a "bomb waiting to explode".

      Another area of numerous tire failures involved tires that have been patched or plugged incorrectly or too many times. The original damage to the tire requiring a plug or patch may have damaged the tire core or inner plies and liner creating a serious weakness and instability to handle the loads and pressures of highway usage. In cases involving a bad tire or worn out tire that should not have been repaired and sold, but disposed of or destroyed, the used tire dealer or the used car dealer or prior owner may be negligent and held liable for selling them to an unsuspecting victim. When a tire failure and blow-out suddenly occurs, the sudden loss of air pressure causes the tire to deflate and the weight of the vehicle pushes the tire down to the rim often into the pavement, gravel or grass median resulting in the rim digging in and in essence tripping the vehicle and causing the roll over to start.

When a tire blowout or failure occurs on the road at highway speeds, the driver is often helpless and incapable of steering or controlling the vehicle and avoid an accident or rollover. The Willis Law Firm has investigated 100's of tire failure accidents in the last 30 years and are ready to help you.   Don't Wait -Call Toll Free 1-800-468-4878

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