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  Rollover and Roof Crush Testing

     Throughout the United States thousands of people are killed each year in SUV and Truck Rollovers. Most any Vehicle safety or  Rollover Expert  will tell you the best way to prevent deaths and injuries from rollovers is to engineer the vehicle to help reduce the number of rollover events from occurring in the first place. With the introduction of Electronic stability control  (ESC) the numbers of rollover accidents has significantly been reduced, especially in single-vehicle rollovers which happen all too often when a driver is distracted, suddenly encounters a road hazard, a deer, a dog or has a tire failure or a blowout causing the vehicle to start to go out of control.

      The ESC helps to adjust the braking on different wheels and prevent excessive braking to keep the vehicle on the road and safe. If a rollover still does occur, then rollover airbags or side curtain airbags do help protect the people inside and in the safest area of the vehicle, which is inside. However these safety features will not work as designed, unless the seatbelts work and hold the occupant in place as designed.

     In a rollover, the roofs must be made of strong enough metal and the welding and welds must be strong enough to hold up during roof crush testing and during the real world rollover process in order for the roof not to crush and collapse onto the occupants.  No doubt a stronger roof will crush less, thereby reducing the crush risk by contact with the roof itself.

     Stronger roofs can even prevent occupants not using safety belts, from being ejected by reducing roof deformation. When roofs collapse, so do the door latching locks and latch plates. When the door  lock is separated and space is added to the door jamb, door locks open and people get ejected and partially ejected. Auto and truck manufacturers are routinely held negligent for weak roofs, inadequate or thin metal used on roofs and roof supports, lack of roof crush resistance testing and for bad roof designs that are too weak to be safe in a rollover.

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