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Sadly roof crush and roof pillar collapse happen every day to innocent victims who  are involved in sudden events that cause their vehicle to go out of control and roll over. Often it is as simple as dodging a dog, deer or road debris on the highway, a tire blowout or tire tread separation causing the SUV, pickup truck, van or passenger car to go out of control. When a rollover occurs the roof structure that you thought was strong and safe, can become your worst enemy. 
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Airbags often do not deploy during a rollover due to the way the air bags are designed. Newer vehicles have roof curtain or rollover airbags and side airbags to protect the occupants in a roll over, but seat belt defects prevent full safety. Sadly many older  cars are not equipped with ESC or Electronic Stability Control Devices. 

Roof crush is usually a result of a rollover accident in which the vehicle goes out of control due to a sudden tire tread failure or tread separation or blowout causing loss of control and directional stability and goes sideways and flipping over on its roof when the tires or rims dig in and trip on the road.

When a rollover occurs the weight of the vehicle and the forces from the velocity and angle of the direction of travel can cause roof pillar failures, roof headers to collapse and fold down crushing the occupants necks causing spinal cord injuries, head injuries, paraplegia and deaths.

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